About Fine Art Photographer Julie
Fine Art Photographer JulieFine Art Photographer shooting with the eyes of the heart under altered state of consciousness.

In 2018, She changed from an oil painter (Angel Julie / Julie Kitamura) to a photographer.
In 2019, the black and white photo work ‘Naruto Strait Cruise’ won the Silver Prize at the Barcelona-Spain International Exhibition.
After that, She won the Excellence Art Prize at the International Art Exchange Exhibition Kobe 2019.
Also, In the same year, Her photography have been published in 1x, Fine Art-Portugal and PODIUMFOTO.

The concept is “Relief and Rebirth of the Soul”.

In the first chapter,
By focussing collectively and unconsciously, not the universe consciousness or the divine love energy, Trying to salvage and regenerate the soul in a way to activate collective consciousness.
I had tried to save and regenerate the soul in a way that activates collective consciousness.
I had been trying to create empathy. That means Release from loneliness.

In the second chapter,
Another way to activate collective consciousness is for each person to become a pillar of light connecting the heavens and the earth.
I become a pillar of light through meditation, feel divine love [Light], and do my creative work.

・ 2000-2016, Chapter 1
Alchemy:From ‘Darkness of the Heart’ to ‘Transformation‘ then ‘Awakening‘:
Both in Japan and overseas, She had exhibited paintings expressed the scenes that she has seen from the eyes of the heart with the technique of surrealism from Depths to Transformation and Awakening.

Since 2018, she has been producing and announcing fine art photography, mainly monochrome art and color art photography, based on the concept of Chapter 2 “Feel the Light (Divine Love)”.

Crystal healing that images light and colors with the heart is the trigger, and the method of expressing colors that she had been searching for before has arrived at something that expresses the illusion of light using photographs, not paints.

In fine art photography, She has been creating beautiful and emotional works.

The Ascension series expresses Julie’s unique world by combining oil paintings and photographs by Julie herself.

Currently, she is presenting the “Altered State of Consciousness” series with her original short stories.

Light refers to the light of God and the energy of love.

JULIE Photo Collection Monochrome: Harbor (English Edition) Kindle Edition


Portfolio site: http://www.angeljulie.com/julie.photographs/


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